is to redefine physical health by placing an unbelievable amount of importance and faith in our clients. To push the boundaries of what’s considered healthcare, and to empower our clients and the TRACE therapists who serve them. We place the power back into the hands of our therapists and clients, away from insurance companies and the healthcare system. Everything we do is focused around our core purpose of enhancing our clients’ health and overall quality of life. When you choose us for your rehabilitation and aesthetic needs, you’ll discover our dedication to exceptional, compassionate care. We deliver on our promise of an experience that’s unmatched at other facilities. We’re always pushing the envelope to improve our services, and exceed our customers’ expectations. Our goal is to maximize and improve the function and quality of our patients’ lives.


Smiling man undergoing tension release therapy

Offering superior client care

For the TRACE team, client care means so much more than surface-level interaction and immediate, but potentially temporary, pain relief. We focus on outcomes, relationships, listening and understanding to provide superior client care. Our clients live in their bodies, and what they feel and tell us matters. If they’re in pain, but diagnostically they’re clear, they’re still in pain and need attention and care. Our therapists work collaboratively with each client through building relationships, gathering data that goes beyond the painful spot, analyzing body structure, posture, and constructing a treatment path that addresses imbalances compensating for the body part(s) that hurt. Our first mission is to get our clients out of pain, or increase your range of motion.

Sciatica [tooltip title="Tension Release Therapy" style="bottom"]A revolutionary way to rapidly heal your body[/tooltip] being applied to a person's thigh

Providing a five-star experience

The client experience is a mixture of five-star hospitality and the healthcare experience that you dream about, not the one you fear. The moment you enter a TRACE location, one of our client experience specialists greets and welcomes you. Our entire team will get to know you, learn about your life and family, and your joys and goals. We want to build deep, meaningful relationships as soon as you join us as a client. Your therapist will come to greet you personally, and escort you to the treatment room. While we’re here to alleviate your pain, we also want to know what makes you “you,” especially your wins and triumphs.

Two Trace Body Rejuvenation employees sit and smile at each other

Collaborative Relationships

By collaborative, we mean that every appointment is a deeply engaging interaction between our therapist and client. We aren’t an overly processed mechanism for treating “sick or hurt” people. We aren’t a one-size-fits-all adjustment schedule. We’re not physical therapists. We come into each relationship with the full understanding that our clients' lives are as complex and vivid as our own. This collaborative approach allows us to create a safe place for our clients to open up and work with us. This beautiful opening up is what makes it so collaborative and so effortless.

Two photos of TRACE team members, one showing the process of tension release therapy

Our therapists

TRACE team members act with our shared mission, always top of mind, and in gratitude for the positive impact we make on our patients’ lives. Our expert team of Tension ReleaseA revolutionary way to rapidly heal your body.™ therapists and support staff engage our clients in highly motivating, highly personalized encounters that get them excited about healing—and the futures ahead of them.

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