Prevention Basic | $99 per Month | $160 Value
Pick 2
30-Minute Tension Release TherapyA revolutionary way to rapidly heal your body
TECAR Baking
Compression Therapy
Photobiomodulation Therapy
Prevention Plus | $199 per Month | $400 Value
1-Hour Pick
Tension Release TherapyA revolutionary way to rapidly heal your body
(2) Technology Facials
Body Sculpting
Somatic Release Breathwork
4 per Month
Photobiomodulation Therapy
Compression Therapy

Your Membership Also Includes:

  • Full access to TRACE Staff

    Call anytime, and you will receive an answer. You become part of the family.

  • Becoming Family

    Your family becomes our family, seriously. In our minds, that means anyone that you consider family too. This membership can be shared with anyone you like. If you have strangers that are family, well you can gift it for them too!

  • Access to special deals

    As a member you will receive access to special member only deals that will not only save you money, but optimize your body.

  • Free access to seminars

    Part of our mission is to enable you with the tools to enhance on your own! The more tools you have the better you can maintain the lifestyle you desire.

Live the life
you deserve

At TRACE, we’ll work with you to relieve pain, get you back on
the field, give you more body confidence and reach your personal
goals. Your quality of life is directly linked to how you feel, and we
want you to walk away feeling better than you ever have.

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