Are you a baseball pitcher?

We customize treatments so you can throw faster and with more control.

When most people think of a baseball pitcher, they think the most important part of the body is the shoulder. If you are a professional or serious baseball pitcher, then you know that the shoulder is just one part of your pitching form that contributes to your overall success. When you pitch, where are you generating your power? Usually, the lower body, before your arm slings it. Something that differentiates good pitchers from great pitchers is their ability to maintain low injury rates by throwing with great mechanics. That is where we come in and help your body heal faster while focusing on your body mechanics so you have the success you deserve.

Optimize My Body

Are you a football running back?

Your body takes a beating! Let us make sure you can keep running fast, and staying agile to keep scoring.

Running backs take a lot of hits, more than many other positions on the squad. The forces that are generated on your body when you make a deep cut to juke, spin, or push into the goal line are massive. Think about it for one second and just imagine the force placed on your toes, ankles, and hip alone. If you are an aspiring or current running back, you know what we are talking about. Practice after practice, and game after game of this repeated motion and force, can and will lead to poor movement, poor power, less speed, and potentially injury. We work with your body type, your running style, and your mechanics to optimize your game for the best results so you keep winning on the field.

Athletes we work with


Improve your vertical and shot percentage by optimizing your jumping and shot mechanics.


Keep up with the force of running full speed with increased muscles, tendon, & ligament recovery.


Take the burden of multiple disciplines away from your body by correcting body compensation patterns.


Heal faster from injury and get more out of your body.


Improve tendon strength and mobility in your knees, ankles, and hips.


Reduce low back tightness, and increase flexibility and power output from head to toe for optimal cycling.

Here's how trace can help!

We treat a large array of issues and can work with you through any pain or discomfort holding you back from performing your best.

  • Increase Your Training

    Ready to train more frequently and intensely? Our trained therapists will rejuvenate you during your regular schedule to ensure you see the mound more often. Many players work with us throughout their regular seasons to optimize their performance to go to their next level.

  • Total Body Recovery

    Ready to get back to your peak game?
    We look at your full body to determine how and why your body is over-compensating.
    We’ll get to the source of your ailment and treat it quickly.

  • Faster Recovery

    We work with you through overuse injuries,
    to prevent future, acute injuries—and permanently heal from chronic injuries.
    Our proprietary Tension Release TherapyA revolutionary way to rapidly heal your body
    methods will accelerate your recovery and cement your superstar performance.

  • Injury Prevention

    The best way to get out of pain and setbacks is to not get injured in the first place.
    Once we get you in optimal condition, we give you a proven Prevention Plan to prevent future injuries from occurring.

Headshot of Trace Body Rejuvenation founder Laura Mildon


“The goal of Tension Release TherapyA revolutionary way to rapidly heal your body™ is to help our clients feel better, with
results that last, faster than any other provider can do it. We want wins for our
clients and the TRT philosophy embodies that pursuit. We want to give our
clients the experience that relieves them from the chronic pain they’ve been
dealing with for years, or to pitch the best game of their lives at the professional
sports level. We want to win for you.”

Laura Mildon

Founder, TRT, EMT, CNA

What Our Clients Say

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Live the life
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At TRACE, we’ll work with you to relieve pain, get you back on
the field, give you more body confidence and reach your personal
goals. Your quality of life is directly linked to how you feel, and we
want you to walk away feeling better than you ever have.

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