It begins when Cheick Kongo, former UFC and current Bellator Heavyweight MMA fighter and Laura Mildon became the best of friends – they think they’re siblings but they’re not fooling anybody, Laura is short and Cheick is 6’5” tall.  

Cheick and Laura shared a similar problem: shoulder injury. Cheick showed Laura something new to America called TECAR therapy with a device from France. Together they brought this technology to the United States, got it through the FDA process and began training other doctors and therapists on the TECAR Therapy benefits in rapidly healing sports injuries in half the time of traditional physical therapy.

We look at the body differently. We treat differently. If we get a right-handed pitcher in, we can automatically see how their body is sculpted to perform the task of launching a ball 100mph to a batter. We know that the team’s therapists and trainers see that person as a right arm. We see a whole body attached to that rocket launcher of an arm. So when an athlete comes in with a chief complaint of a specific body part – we begin unraveling the mystery as to why that part hurts beyond just being an overuse injury. Here the TECAR Therapy benefits play a crucial role in addressing not just the symptoms but the underlying causes of pain and injury.

Athletics is about muscle memory, repetition (lots and lots of repetition), posture, fast and slow twitch muscle training. When an athlete is using their body, it’s just a matter of time for fatigue and potential injury to sneak in. Recognizing this, we incorporate the TECAR therapy benefits into our treatment plans, ensuring that athletes not only recover faster but also strengthen their bodies to prevent future injuries.

TECAR Therapy benefits athletes in a way that optimizes their sports recovery and optimization

Healing Injury in Compressed Time with TECAR Therapy Benefits

At TRACE | Body Rejuvenation, we got our humble beginnings working with athletes – from professional boxers and MMA fighters to professional and collegiate baseball, football and basketball athletes honing their skills in the hopes of getting drafted. We work with dancers from prima ballerinas, to nationally competitive tap and ballroom dancers. Why would the coaches and trainers who prepare the pros refer their players to us? 

The TRACE techniques that comprise Tension Release Therapy coupled with TECAR technology helps speed the healing of injuries from trauma and over-training. The TECAR therapy benefits are instrumental in addressing both hard and soft tissue injuries, allowing you to get back in the game swiftly.

Injuries We Treat

Muscle StrainsLigament SprainsTendinopathies
Muscle SpasmMuscle TearsSwelling
Hairline Bone FracturesBursitisRotator Cuff Injuries
Joint Instability Elbow Injuries Knee Injuries

Preparation & Recovery

Getting and staying injury free are two different animals! At TRACE, our mission is to keep athletes in the game. This means a focus on muscle relaxation, ensuring we’ve pushed out any excess inflammation from prior injury, and establish appropriate range of motion to keep our athletes game ready. The TECAR therapy benefits we utilize help prevent delayed onset muscle soreness so that athletes don’t feel quite as knackered after competitions.

We look to prevent any delayed onset muscle soreness so that athletes don’t feel quite as knackered after a competitions.

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