Lumbar Traction

Discover the Benefits of Lumbar Traction at TRACE

Are you tired of dealing with lower back pain? At TRACE | Body Rejuvenation, we’ve got just the thing to help you out: Lumbar Traction. This treatment, paired with our Tension Release Therapy using TECAR technology, dives deep to release tension and bring you much-needed relief.

How Lumbar Traction Alleviates Lower Back Pain

So, what exactly is lumbar traction? It's a gentle method that uses a special device to slowly stretch the muscles and spine in your lower back. Each session lasts about 15 minutes and targets the real troublemakers behind your pain—think muscle tightness, osteoarthritis, joint stiffness, sciatica, nerve root compression, and herniated discs. By easing the pressure on your spine, lumbar traction helps to reduce pain and boost your mobility.

Key Benefits of Lumbar Traction Therapy

Targeted Pain Relief for Various Conditions
Lumbar traction works wonders on pain from issues like muscle tightness, osteoarthritis, joint stiffness, sciatica, nerve root compression, and herniated discs. The gentle stretch takes the pressure off, giving you relief where you need it most.
Enhanced Results with Tension Release Therapy
Pair lumbar traction with our Tension Release Therapy and TECAR technology, and you’ve got a powerhouse combo for deep tension release in the lower back. It’s a comprehensive approach to pain relief that really works.
Improved Mobility and Flexibility
Regular lumbar traction sessions help you move better and feel less stiff. It’s all about keeping your spine healthy and making sure you can enjoy life without being held back by pain.

Self-Help Tips for Managing Lower Back Pain

Along with our professional treatments, try adding these simple tips to your daily routine to keep your back feeling great:
Regular Stretches and Core Exercises
Doing stretches like the cat-cow stretch, knee-to-chest stretch, and some gentle yoga can make a big difference. Don’t forget about core exercises—they’re key to supporting your back.
Maintain a Healthy Weight
Keeping your weight in check with regular exercise and a balanced diet reduces the strain on your lower back. It’s a win-win for your overall health and your back.
Practice Proper Posture
Good posture is a game-changer. Make sure you’re sitting, standing, and sleeping in ways that support your back. Ergonomic chairs and supportive mattresses can help a lot.

Why Choose Lumbar Traction at TRACE?

Our Lumbar Traction service is perfect for middle-aged folks between 40-65, both men and women, who want to manage their back pain without relying on medications. It’s a non-invasive, drug-free solution that can really make a difference in your pain relief toolkit.
Important Considerations
When looking into treatments for lower back pain, it’s important to stick with methods that align with our approach at TRACE | Body Rejuvenation. We don’t promote chiropractic treatments or gravity inversion tables. Instead, we focus on gentle, proven techniques like lumbar traction.

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If lower back pain is slowing you down and you’re looking for a fresh approach to pain relief, give lumbar traction at TRACE | Body Rejuvenation a try. Our holistic and integrated treatment plans are here to provide lasting relief and help you feel your best. Get in touch with us today to learn more and book your session.
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