What is Winback TECAR Therapy?

TECAR Therapy is a bio-accelerator that uses high frequency current between the ranges of 300 KHZ - 1MHZ. This technology creates acceleration of intra and extracellular ion exchanges to promote tissue healing. It also creates instant analgesia (pain relief) through the disruption of nerve impulses. Both of these two effects combined creates short term pain relief and long term healing effects for each client.

Tecar Therapy cover
Two overlapping images: a woman performs Tecar Therapy on a patient, covered partially by a gold-colored device

TRACE is the the largest TECAR therapy clinic in the United States.

400+ Professional sporting organizations use Winback Tecar Therapy as a means to deliver faster recovery and sports optimization to their players.

The TRACE Team had a profound impact in bringing Winback Tecar Therapy into to United States due to the positive impact that the technology has for everyday people and professional athletes.

"The staff at TRACE well versed in using TECAR Therapy to help with all various forms of pain and sports recovery, they are truly talented at their craft"

How TECAR Therapy can help you

Tension Release Therapy heavily incorporates TECAR Therapy by combining it with various modalities coupled with bodywork. This dynamic approach allows our therapist the freedom to introduce the current for whatever needs you are presenting with.

  • Instant & Long Term Pain Relief

    Instant pain relief due to the disruption of nerve impulses and long term pain relief due to faster tissue healing.

  • Tissue Targeting

    TECAR allows our therapists to target specific types of tissue depending on your needs, from skin to bone.

  • Improved Bloodflow

    TECAR Therapy frequency ranges allow our therapists to bring blood flow in or out and stimulate lymphatic drainage depending on what your needs are.

  • Tissue Healing

    Sustainable tissue healing is achieved without heat by promoting the acceleration of intra and extracellular ion exchanges. Removing waste and increasing nutrient intake at the cellular level.

  • Lymphatic Drainage

    TECAR stimulates lymph nodes to accelerate drainage up to 6X faster.

  • Increased Elastin and Collagen

    Frequencies create the production of collagen and elastin when used on superficial tissue such as skin to tone and tighten naturally.

  • Multifaceted Approach

    The versatility of TECAR Therapy acts as a super hero's cape for our therapists. By coupling TECAR with the bodywork techniques and other modalities of Tension Release TherapyA revolutionary way to rapidly heal your body, we can improve the rate of recovery, improve healing function, and achieve results for improved movement, posture and overall body optimization.


As with all health related modalities, there are contraindications in which you should abstain from using TECAR Therapy.

  • Pacemaker, Insulin Pumps
  • Cancer
  • Growth Cartilage
  • Thrombophlebitis or Blood Clots
  • Pregnancy
  • Fever and Infections
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