Includes 90 Minutes of Access to

Tension Release Therapy

Access to 30-Minute, 60-Minute, and 90-Minute Tension Release Therapy Sessions.

Technology Massage

Relax with a gentle Swedish massage coupled with the healing and detoxifying effects of Winback TECAR Therapy.

Somatic Release Breathwork

Release pent-up stress and emotions that stay in your body and keep you from being the best version of you.

Technology Facial

Enjoy a warming facial that gets you the results you desire, like a facelift and getting rid of wrinkles.

Body Sculpting

Get on a regimen of body sculpting to help your body get rid of stubborn belly, thigh, back, chin, or neck fat.

Healing Technologies

Access to all other tissue healing technologies, including Winback TECAR Therapy for 2x faster tissue healing.

Membership Includes

  • Sharable Benefits

    You can share with anyone you wish. Simply give them your code and they can come in for your session.

  • Membership Pricing

    All pricing for members is knocked down 25% giving you access to more things that make you and your body happy. This does not apply to investment packages or retainers.

  • Split & Combine

    You can use your 90-Minutes any way that works for where you are at. Do you need 30-Minutes of Tension Release Therapy every week for 3 weeks? Do it.

  • Access to Community Events for Free

    TRACE holds community events for members and ambassadors monthly, sometimes weekly that you receive free access to and a plus one.

$149.99/ month

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