Non-Invasive and Results-Based Aesthetics

Our advanced skin rejuvenation technology can help repair skin that’s been damaged from acne and general aging, treat additional skin concerns including hyperpigmentation and scarring, and manage cellulite and sagging. We offer high-tech skin rejuvenation services tailored to your goals and budget. Our professionals work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that meets your unique needs.

At TRACE Body Rejuvenation, we understand that you want to look and feel your best. Our trained therapists can help you get clearer skin, banish unwanted crow’s feet and wrinkles, reduce cellulite and more within just a few pampering visits. We’re here to help you see the best version of you in the mirror. You’ll leave your aesthetics session looking great and feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and totally relaxed.

Aesthetic Areas We Help With

Face Lifting
Crow's Feet
Eleven Wrinkles
Sagging Jowls
Tighten Neckline
Acne Scars
Washboard Forehead
Bat Wing Arms
Flabby Thighs
Butt Lifting
Abdominal Sculpting

Look Your Best, Feel Your Best, & Love Who You See in the Mirror

If you suffer from unsightly acne or scarring on your face, neck, shoulders or back, we have solutions to alleviate this common skin condition. If you’re suffering from an active outbreak, we use a variety of technologies to kill deep bacteria, promote rapid skin cell turnover and signal your skin to heal. Our technologies and therapies also help reduce acne scarring and bring you back to a more natural, toned look.
If you’re not loving the crow’s feet around your eyes or those new wrinkles in your forehead, TRACE technologies and therapies help tone and tighten your skin, giving you a more youthful and natural look without invasive treatments. Unlike Botox that paralyzes the muscles, we stimulate your skin’s ability to create collagen and elastin to smooth out the appearance of those wrinkles.
You are doing everything. You are dieting right, exercising daily, but that stubborn fat just will not go away. We can work with you to remove that unwanted extra fat with TECAR Therapy technology. In only a few sessions and a price that doesn't break the bank, we help you look how you love to look.
Your skin can darken in patches from hormonal changes, acne scars, pregnancy, genetics and sun damage. We can reduce and break up the darker skin pigment that’s appeared to bring your skin to a more natural look.
Whether you’d like to reduce fat in your stomach area to show off those abs you’ve been working so hard for or cellulite on your thighs, we have treatments to enhance your appearance. You’ll finally get the definition in your abs when we remove surface layer fat, and we can reduce cellulite by toning and tightening your skin, naturally.

The Technology Facial

Did anyone else have a grandmother that would taunt, “Don’t make that face or it’ll freeze like that!”? Well, we hate to break it to you, but she was right. Wrinkles form between the hills and valleys of strong and weak muscles. As we age and make habitual facial expressions, wrinkles form to create forehead creases, the “eleven” wrinkles between the eyebrows, crow’s feet, smile/smoker’s lines around the lips, and marionette lines or the parentheses from the nose to the chin on either side of the lips.

Our therapists approach facial concerns the same way we look at the rest of the body. Our high-technology facials are not just about reconditioning the skin on your face but activating muscles of the face. Think of it as physical therapy for your face as you activate under-utilized muscles.
But we can do so much more! We can lift the face, address sagging jowls, tighten the neckline, and soften acne scars.

Our TECAR facials also address pains that occur in the noggin such as migraines, TMJ, clencher’s jaw, sinusitis, nerve pain, and provide relief from congestion due to allergies.
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Here's How Trace Can Help You Look Your Best, Naturally

We have technologies and treatments for a variety of skin issues, from acne scarring to wrinkles, to saggy jowls and cellulite, that we treat with visible results from your very first session. Our top-of-the-line procedures include treatments for Acne Scarring, Crow's Feet, Double Chin, Forehead Wrinkles, Hyperpigmentation, Saggy Jowls, and more. See a few of our clients below!
    "She looked at my face and immediately knew which facial would benefit me the most. She also knew how to take care of my awful back acne, and I am already starting to see improvement."
    Nadine Shihabeddin
    Client, Technology Facials
    "I loved my skin rejuvenation treatment. It’s an amazing technology. It help with acne, scaring, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, sagging. You need 3 treatments to see best results. Highly recommend!"
    Kateryna Hrytsko
    Client, Body Sculpting

Body Sculpting

While your body loves TECAR energy, fat cells hate it. When you lose weight, you do not lose fat cells. Fat cells are not the same as other active, living cells in the body that have a life span, such as red or white blood cells. Think of fat cells as hives, like a bee makes a hive out of wax to store honey. Drain the honey, the hive – or cells – are still there. With weight loss, the body still hangs on to these fat cells which shrink, waiting for you to overeat and refill. This is why people so often lose weight then gain all the weight plus additional weight later on. 

We see it all the time. People come in having lost a ton of weight and are left with loose sagging skin. With every 10 pounds lost, we highly recommend pairing our body sculpting services to tighten skin around your new frame and permanently destroy fat cells. Our TECAR therapy stimulates collagen and elastin and helps vascularize and energize your largest organ to re-form to your body as you lose weight. But even better, TECAR therapy destroys the matrix that comprises fat cells. While you are losing weight, let’s go on a killing spree to eradicate the very cells waiting for you to fall off the wagon.
Reduce Cellulite
Unsightly cellulite is fatty deposits underneath your skin. There are various factors that can cause your cellulite to be more visible or less visible, including genetics, your diet and exercise habits, and overall lifestyle.
Shape Your Abs
Looking to get ready for a fabulous summer, or slimming down to win your upcoming body lifting competition? Get your abs right with our natural technology to help you reduce stubborn fat and get your abs to the shape you want.
Get Your Beach Body
Sometimes, we just want to look good. Actually most, of the time we want to look good. We work with you to define and sculpt your body to your wants in combination with your other activities.
sculpt your body with trace
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