Medical Weight Loss

Lose 20 or More Pounds With the Gold Standard in Weight Loss Medication

Over 30 and have found there’s 20+ pounds that won’t go away?
Aging blows, doesn’t it? It’s a miserable fact that after 30 everything slows down. We wake up with body aches and pains and weight that creeps on and won’t go away despite popular diets and exercise. Tirzepatide is utterly a game changer in the healthcare industry.
Lose 20 pounds or more the better, faster, and safer way with Tirzepatide
Tirzepatide is a far more powerful medication than the popular semaglutide (sold under brand names Ozempic™, Wegovy™, Victosa™, and Rybelsus™) because it not only reduces blood sugar and regulates insulin, but it works with the hypothalamus gland which regulates hunger impulses and reduces impulse eating and drinking. 

We also have semaglutide for patients who are more patient about a slower, yet reliable method of weight loss. 
The Risks of Being Overweight Are Flat-Out Deadly
Elevated Blood Pressure
Heart Disease
Heart Attacks
Gallbladder Disease
Congestive Heart Failure
Body Aches and Pains
Sudden Death

How Tirzepatide for Weight Loss?

Appetite Suppression: One of the primary ways Tirzepatide helps with weight loss is by suppressing appetite. It does this by increasing the production of hormones that signal fullness and decreasing those that stimulate hunger. As a result, individuals using Tirzepatide tend to consume fewer calories and experience less hunger between meals.
Improved Insulin Sensitivity: Tirzepatide has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity, which is essential for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. When insulin sensitivity is increased, the body can more effectively use the insulin it produces, allowing glucose to enter cells and be used for energy. This can help prevent the storage of excess glucose as fat, leading to weight loss.
Enhanced Fat Burning: Tirzepatide also promotes fat burning by increasing the body's metabolic rate. This means that you burn more calories throughout the day, even while at rest. Additionally, Tirzepatide has been shown to stimulate the breakdown of stored fat, further contributing to weight loss.
Reduced Inflammation: Inflammation is a significant contributor to weight gain and obesity. Tirzepatide has been shown to reduce inflammation in the body, which can help improve overall health and support weight loss efforts.
Improved Gut Health: Tirzepatide has a positive impact on gut health, promoting the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. A healthy gut microbiome is essential for weight loss, as it can help regulate appetite, metabolism, and inflammation.

Stop Rebound Weight Gain

At TRACE, we want our medications to be used as a means to lose the weight, and once you are at your goal weight, to taper down to the lowest dose and then spread out your visits so that it becomes a tool to maintain your weight. It is our vision to see you gain the ability to take charge and be able to transition to a lifestyle of eating more moderately, and more importantly, being satisfied. Yet when you find you’re creeping out of your goal weight range, we are here for booster shots to keep you on track.
Losing weight with TRACE | Body Rejuvenation means we are with you every step of the way to truly rebuilding the real you hidden within. We begin with a consult where we discuss your goals, and ensure you are a candidate for our program.
How It Begins
We must first begin with the smallest dosage. We want to have your body (and brain!) acclimate to the process of bringing your hunger, eating habits, and insulin production back into harmony. We want you to get the hang of how this medication works to slow the emptying of food through the digestive tract and regulate common symptoms such as constipation or diarrhea and sometimes nausea or heartburn (you know, the stuff that is common with any medication and especially those that are used in weight loss). So we start low, and if after a couple of weeks we are not seeing weight loss, we increase the dosage. We can assure you, you are going to lose weight with TRACE.

Contraindications - Who Must Not Take This Medication

Type I Diabetes
T-Cell Thyroid Cancer
Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Type II
Side Effects include the usual suspects for medication that addresses the GI tract: nausea or vomiting (and we can prescribe anti-nausea and anti-vomiting medications if necessary) constipation or diarrhea. Most of these side effects are readily resolved with over-the-counter and even homeopathic remedies, and they don’t last long for most people, usually in the beginning as our bodies are adjusting to the medication.
The Process
Begin your journey to a new, fully rejuvenated you today. Schedule a consult with Laura to discuss the medication, your goals and your eligibility. Let’s address any concerns. Complete the Patient History and Consent forms. Dr. David Lionberger does video consults on Fridays. Once he has met with you, we can begin your once weekly injections. Then go lose some weight, get fit, relieve the pressure and pain on the body!
The Commitment
Because it takes time to peel off the weight, learn better, long-lasting eating habits, develop self-control, and stick to a healthier, more active lifestyle, we have a 3-month minimum commitment to our program.

It’s depressing – as we age, we simply don’t need calories any more. So many studies show that our metabolism simply doesn’t require a whole lot of food to keep us running. Sadly, the American diet is DELICIOUS!!!! We don’t want to take away any enjoyment of food and drink that you love. We just need to recalibrate to eat and drink a whole lot less. This takes time. Be patient with yourself. It’s not just about the weight loss, but learning to fall in love with yourself and gain the will power to keep being your best!
What Does It Cost
We charge $800 per month. The medication we buy is pure and third party tested. You won’t find a more hands on program in town. You have access to us for questions and concerns. We do not charge for a consultation fee, and there are no monthly paid appointments where we grab money only to charge you for more medications. We’re an all-inclusive with a focus on you. No smoke and mirrors.
Start the Program

Weight Loss the TRACE Way

We do what other clinics don’t: personalized weight loss. We work with you to week-over-week to determine whether we need to increase your dose, leave it the same because you’re killin’ it, or take it down a notch because you’re approaching your goal weight. This is all about you and your goals!

We have workshops where we will talk about nutrition, how to exercise when you have no time for exercise, the importance of replacing lost fat with muscle, access to therapists who can help people better understand why they use food (or alcohol) to soothe anxieties from trauma.
Weight Loss the TRACE Way - Differentiators
Every batch of medication is third party tested for purity and potency
Free consultation (others charge $199)
No expensive blood test required (this does not impact heart, liver, blood or kidneys)
No monthly required follow-up visit costs (others charge $90+)
Weekly calibration of dose (to either go up, down or maintain dose) to ensure maximum safe weight loss
Weekly review of vital stats for cardiovascular improvement
Complimentary B12, Lipo-B injections to boost energy and fat burning
Zofran injection for nausea as needed
Nutrition and dietary guidance
Access to personal trainers
Access to body sculpting to destroy fat cells and tighten skin. Bye-bye cellulite!
Time just for you to discuss your progress, concerns, difficulties building new habits to ensure permanent weight loss

Destroy Fat Cells for Good

When you lose weight, you do not lose fat cells. Fat cells are not the same as other active, living cells in the body that have a life span, such as red or white blood cells. Think of fat cells as hives, like a bee makes a hive out of wax to store honey. Drain the honey, the hive – or cells – are still there. With weight loss, the body still hangs on to these fat cells which shrink, waiting for you to overeat and refill. This is why people so often lose weight then gain all the weight plus additional weight later on.

We see it all the time. People come in having lost a ton of weight and are left with loose sagging skin. With every 10 pounds lost, we highly recommend pairing our body sculpting services to tighten skin around your new frame and permanently destroy fat cells. Our TECAR therapy stimulates collagen and elastin and helps vascularize and energize your largest organ to re-form to your body as you lose weight. But even better, TECAR therapy destroys the matrix that comprises fat cells. While you are losing weight, let’s go on a killing spree to eradicate the very cells waiting for you to fall off the wagon
Let's do this!

FAQ's About Our Weight Loss Program

How is Tirzepatide or semaglutide administered?
Tirzepatide is given via a weekly subcutaneous injection as a part of the TRACE Medical Weight Loss Program.
There are clinics that charge less than you do. Why don’t you compete?
Actually, when you add it up, they charge the same but don’t offer the same white glove experience you get at TRACE. Other clinics do not provide the level of hands on care in customizing your weight loss journey. We have found that what an advertised low price is by another clinic, they don’t reveal things like a $200 consultation fee, and a mandatory monthly office visit anywhere from $75 - $100 (or more) plus medication fees. At the end of the day you are paying the same, if not more. Other clinics are transactional – we are hands on in your care. You have access to us every day, weekends and nights when you have questions or concerns.
Do you compound your Tirzepatide and semaglutide with B12?
No. We already have patients who supplement B12 through diet, tablets or injections. If you want a B12 shot, we’re happy to give it to you complementarily. Some people swear that it helps with their energy and ability to burn fat, others (like our owner) are skeptical. But since a boost of B12 isn’t harmful, we’re more than happy to give it to you if you wish.
Is there a minimum commitment to the program?
It takes a minimum of 90 days to develop and keep a good habit going. Additionally, we need time to begin tapering down on the medication and help you extend the period of time in between injections so that you’re ready to fly on your own without reliance on the medication to moderate eating.
Can I just take my four syringes home and inject myself and you reduce the cost? 
We do things differently at TRACE. We take client and patient care here seriously. We provide custom weight loss with weekly care to ensure your dose is working properly, that you don’t have concerns, or you can discuss any side effects that pop up. We take the time to help you ensure you’re doing everything on your end to not just lose weight, but reduce losing muscle mass. If you take four syringes home, this doesn’t allow us the ability to go up in dose if necessary. We provide custom weight loss supervision.
How do I know your product is pure?
Every batch of Tirzepatide and Semaglutide that we get from our pharmacy is third party tested by another laboratory. We hear the horror stories of people getting sick from adulterated medications. We absolutely find that intolerable. We ensure that our peptides are clean and pure.
I will be out of town, can I take syringes with me in this case?
Absolutely. We recommend you purchase a special syringe thermos that has a slender freezy pack inside so that your medication stays nice and cool.
When I reach my weight loss goals and only do maintenance injections, does the price change?
Yes. Once you’re able to maintain your weight in your goal range, our price drops dramatically because we are not calibrating week over week to maximize your weight loss. We have special program management pricing that is super affordable.
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