Tension Release Therapy™ is TRACE’s proprietary pain management, athletic recovery and body-optimization technique. The TRT method allows our trained therapists to discover tension in your body that results from overcompensation due to lifestyle stress or injuries. Our experienced therapists use various techniques to release tension, correct overcompensation, relieve pain, bring back range of motion and build improvements in your overall movement.

Tension Tracing™ is TRACE’s unique body reading technique that enables our therapists to accurately pinpoint tension in preparation for your customized therapy session.

Our goal is to provide you with results, period. Whether you’re one of our professional athletes looking to throw a 100 mph fastball, a does-it-all working mom looking to lift and tone your skin, or a person who wants to reduce those annoying daily aches and pains...  meeting your desired outcome is our primary focus.

Our pricing removes the stress of wondering “how much it’s going to cost.” Our Tension Release Therapy™ Session costs a flat rate of $150 per hour. We have sessions ranging from 30 minutes to three hours. The good news? That flat rate covers every single treatment we offer in-house, so you’ll always receive the care you need without worrying about paying for add-ons à la carte.

You might need to sit down for this, but in the best way possible. No, we don’t accept any types of medical or health insurance. Due to the cumbersome oversight, billing and hands-tied approach that insurance tends to cause practitioners, we decided to provide insurance-free services to allow full autonomy for our Tension Release™ therapists to get better (really, the best possible) outcomes for you. You can use funds that you have in an HSA to pay for TRACE treatments.

Yes, 1,000%, yes. Our philosophy is to create a five-star healthcare experience, unlike any other you’ve ever had. In fact, our clients look forward to their appointments with us, because we treat you like family. TRACE should feel like a second home to you. Every member of our team gets to know you on a personal level. Your goals become our goals. We applaud your wins and cheer you on, every step of the way. We develop collaborative relationships with all of our clients so that you have a primary role in deciding on your treatment and outcomes.

Short answer: No. Tension Release Therapy™ is TRACE’s proprietary pain management, athletic recovery and body-optimization treatment program. We aren’t physical therapists or chiropractors or massage therapists. At TRACE, we develop unique technologies and therapies geared toward achieving over-the-top client outcomes in innovative ways. All of our therapists are certified through TRACE with hundreds of hours of training in Tension Release Therapy™ .


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