ServicesYour Investment
Tension Release TherapyA revolutionary way to rapidly heal your body$200
Technology Facials$100
Body Sculpting$200
Stress Release Breathwork$100

Behind Your Investment

We truly believe that with the pain we are not the best version of ourselves. Pain can creep up in the unlikeliest of ways and tends to make us overall less happy and less fulfilled. Our goal has been to strip away add-on fees or to charge separately for different tools, or techniques. We don’t upsell for products or services employed while addressing your challenges. Everything is included in one price to get the results you are looking for.

For instance, across the street from us are doctors who use a therapeutic device called shockwave. It helps to break up scar tissue, loosen tendons and ligaments. A treatment costs $2,000. And it’s not covered by insurance. At TRACE, our therapists have the autonomy to use whatever equipment, instruments and techniques necessary to help get you feeling better faster all within our same $150 per hour framework. We do not charge extra for shockwave, cupping, scraping, e-stim, sequential compression boots, photobiomodulation etc.

The TRACE philosophy is to have therapists armed with a wide variety of ways to help ease your pain, recover faster from athletic training or injury and get you feeling better quickly. It has been our mission to offer something that nobody else can match in terms of quality of service offering and price.

We do not accept insurance and there’s an important reason why. In reality, we could make six times the revenue we do make if we accepted insurance. Our biggest concern with accepting insurance is it diminishes our ability to address the whole you. When you come to TRACE with a single body part that is hurting (let’s say your shoulder), we still examine you from head-to-toe to see if we can find other compensations you may be doing that can be contributing to the shoulder pain. We look at you as a whole, not a single body part. If we accept insurance, we can only look at the shoulder, as in our example.

In a traditional healthcare setting, your practitioners are very limited in how much time they can spend discussing all your concerns. At TRACE, we take our time to fully understand your complaints, concerns, aches, and injuries. We need to know the whole you, and our clients appreciate that we take the time to understand their concerns and needs.

We are not cheap but we are not expensive and exclusive; we are affordable. We want everyone who needs our services to have full access no matter where you come from. This has been a core philosophy since we first founded TRACE.

Live the life
you deserve

At TRACE, we’ll work with you to relieve pain, get you back on
the field, give you more body confidence and reach your personal
goals. Your quality of life is directly linked to how you feel, and we
want you to walk away feeling better than you ever have.

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