Success stories

Halston Paret

From "Being in chronic physical pain" to "I am actually able to peacefully enjoy life."

Raul Rondon


"TRACE has helped me tremendously from my feet to my back and helped me stay optimal to lift heavy!"

Scott Swaney

Multisport Champion Athlete

“Trace has given me back the confidence to go hard and fast again. I appreciated the attitude of the folks there of everything is possible. “


Barbara came to TRACE after experiencing knee pain while working with her personal trainer. After receiving the relief she needed to get back to life on her terms, she comes in for regular body maintenance.

Garrett Zaskoda

Collegiate Baseball Pitcher

"I come to TRACE to get the recovery I don't get anywhere else"

Tracy Armand

Hair Dresser

“TRACE helps with the pain and numbness that I feel in my arms and shoulders from long days of doing what I do best. I've tried it all, but TRACE has been the first place to help me really find relief.”

Wayne Perkins

Retired / Real Estate Development

“After a major car accident and multiple surgeries, the only thing that worked to reduce my pain was opioids. TRACE helped me reduce the pain. Tension Release Therapy™ was one of the only therapies to actually reduce my pain.”

Martin Contraras

Forklift Operator

“I CONSTANTLY work out, and have been for a long time trying to tone my body and get the aesthetics I want to achieve. Until TRACE, I never was able to achieve that. Now after receiving body sculpting treatments, I do, and feel better during my workouts, too!”

Kelly Kaluza

Nuclear Medicine Technician

“I broke my femur while I was walking out of work a few years ago. I did more than a year of physical therapy that never got rid of the pain the way that TRACE has been able to do. My life has been so much better ever since. There’s nothing I’ve experienced like TRACE.”

Robert Maislin

Professional Pitcher

“Every time I come to TRACE with an injury that sets me back, it gets fixed and I come back very quickly! This helps me continue my training without lots of downtime.”

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